Maximum aesthetics meet maximum security: the Döttling Fortress Maximus

Luxury safes from Döttling are imposing works of art that grace any room with their peerless design. The latest creation from the factory in Maichingen, the Fortress Maximus, is no exception, even though its concept is truly exceptional. That’s because it is actually two luxury safes in one: The upper section with its strong round doors is reminiscent of the legendary vaults found in American banks during the Prohibition era. The lower section is a high-tech, high-security safe with an incredibly versatile interior. Both are housed harmoniously in one body to produce a unique masterpiece.

At first glance, it is the solid presence of the upper safe doors on the Fortress Maximus that catches the eye. The smoothly functioning, highly complex locking mechanism opens upon entering a personal code. The door swings open, revealing the elegantly designed interior. There is room for 15 precision watch winders here, or the optionally available and particularly innovative Döttling Touch & Move precision watch winders.